Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fat Quarter Wallet

Something I've been intending to make for months and months now is a wallet, which I've finally completed.

First let me give a shout out to Bijou, who made my old wallet. It was a very sturdy wallet for $9, and I've used it for 8 years. They seem to not make that model anymore, so I tried to copy it.

As you can see below, the wallet turned out larger than I meant it. I still don't really know how this happened. I don't like using binding, especially on something so small. I don't think it looks good, and it's a pain to make and work with. I prefer to topstitch to flatten the seams all around. I don't know what that technique is called. The problem with this is that I always leave either too much seam allowance or too little. Maybe one day I'll get it right.

I learned to not be afraid to use a big, bad needle when stitching through lots of layers. It took the vinyl of the ID pocket and layers upon folded layers of fabric and interfacing like a champ. The vinyl came from some "name tag badges" that I bought a couple of years ago because I needed the clips for another project.

Speaking of interfacing, I used Craft-fuse, which I picked up as a remnant at Hobby Lobby. Nice use of $0.70, I'd say, though we'll have to see how it holds up. I'm so far impressed with just how stiff it is with so little bulk.

See? Bigger than I meant it to be, but untimatly, I think I like it. It's easier to see my cards this way.

I wish it was flatter or more even or something, but I wouldn't know how to solve that problem.

I called this "Fat Quarter Wallet," because I searched for a pattern using those words and didn't come up with anything useful. I actually used well less than a fat quarter.

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  1. I like it. I've thought about wallets for my shop and have some wallet tutorials I'm going to give a go until I feel comfortable with the construction. Then I'll figure out the style I want to use. Tough, I don't want to sell someone else's idea, but, I mean, it's a wallet. Someone has done it before.

    I've seen some cute ones that are pieced, I came across them when I was trying to figure out how to use up scraps.